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Fennel bitter essential oil

Fennel bitter essential oil is effective as an antispasmodic to soothe digestive problems such as bloating. It is recommended for clearing the airways.
BOTANICAL NAME: Foeniculum vulgare var. amara
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    Fennel has been grown since Ancient Egypt and Greece for its medicinal benefits and its unique aroma. There are two very similar fennels from which the essential oils are extracted. Sweet fennel and fennel bitter. The essential oil of sweet fennel is the most common and is distinguished by its singular composition because it contains more than 80% of anethole. Fennel bitter essential oil contains anethole and fenchone. The combination of these two chemical compounds makes the fennel bitter essential oil very effective for relieving difficult digestions, as well as respiratory and menstruation problems.

    Fennel bitter essential oil is produced from the seeds of the flower.

    Relieves digestive problems

    Fennel bitter essential oil is the most effective when used to relieve digestive problems like bloating and stomach aches. The antispasmodic properties of fennel bitter, which comes from anethole and fenchone, combine perfectly for excellent efficacy.

    Fennel bitter essential oil is therefore recommended for treating stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pain related to digestive problems, gastrointestinal spasms and flatulence.

    Clears the airways

    Fennel bitter is used as an expectorant to relieve congested airways. To say that a drug or herb is expectorant means that it helps in the expulsion of mucus that clutter the bronchi or the trachea.Fennel bitter essential oil mixed with honey is very effective in soothing the problems of cough, bronchitis, colds and congestion of the respiratory tract.

    Oestrogenic properties

    Thanks to the estrogenic properties of the anethole and antispasmodic properties of the fenchone, fennel bitter essential oil is used by many women around the Mediterranean area to regulate menstruation, relieve painful periods and stimulate sexual desire. It would also increase the flow of breast milk after childbirth.

    Chemical composition of the fennel bitter essential oil

    Fennel bitter essential oil has a chemical composition dominated by anethole (75%) and fenchone (15%). The main compounds of this essential oil are:
    _ Anethole
    _ Fenchone
    _ Estragole

    Suggested directions

    The best way to use this essential oil is orally with honey.

    In massage, add 5 to 10 drops to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil. Do not apply undiluted directly to the skin.

    Fennel bitter essential oil mixes very well with the essential oils of lavender, thyme and tarragon.

    Additionnal information

    Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare var. amara
    Common names: Fennel bitter
    Extraction Method: Steam distillation
    Color: Colorless to light yellow
    Country of origin: France
    Botanical Family: Apiaceae
    Plant parts used: Seeds
    Odor: Liquorice, anise, sweet.


    Essential oils are concentrated and should be used with caution. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes.

    Never apply undiluted directly to the skin.

    As anethole is a molecule with hormonal effects, fennel bitter essential oil is not recommended to pregnant women.

    Do not use if pregnant, nursing, elderly and for children under 7 years of age. If suffering from any medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using.

    Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information about this product.

    Do feel free to ask for further information and applications.

    DISCLAIMER: Essential oils are not meant to cure diseases and illnesses. They may ease some health problems and bring comfort. We suggest you consult a physician and do your own research for each essential oil that interests you.

    To get more safety information, read our article about the risks of using essential oils.

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