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Frankincense Boswellia Sacra essential oil

Frankincense Sacra (Boswellia Sacra) essential oil has an exceptional and enchanting perfume, perfect for meditation and relaxation. This essential oil is also excellent for skin care, inflammation and pain relief.
BOTANICAL NAME: Boswellia Sacra
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    Frankincense Sacra essential oil is a product of the steam distillation of the resin of the Frankincense Boswellia Sacra trees, also known as “houjri”, which grow in the Dhofar region of southern Oman, a country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula facing the Indian Ocean. The trees have been revered for centuries and are very protected. Frankincense Sacra is also harvested in Yemen and Somalia.

    The process of creating the essential oil begins by slicing the bark in a process known as “striping” and allowing the glistening resin, known as the “blood” of the tree, to drip, which the Omani people call “tears”. The resin is also known as “Royal Hojari” resin because distillers must have permission from the Omani Royal Family. The resin hardens and is steam distilled which creates the oil.

    Frankincense Sacra is from the Burseraceae family. Its scent is described as balsamic, resinous and sweet. Its color of the essential oil is mostly clear, and its consistency is generally considered thin.

    As illustrated by it being given as a gift to Baby Jesus by the Magi, frankincense resin is held as very sacred with ancient and contemporary cultures. Frankincense oils had a high medicinal value in Egypt, Persia, Rome and Greece. In ancient Egypt, kyphi, derived from Frankincense was used in perfume, incense and beverages and Egyptian women blackened the resin and used it to outline their eyes.

    Thanks to sedative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal properties, Frankincense Sacra is great for meditation, skin care, inflammation and pain relief.

    Calming and Meditation

    Frankincense Sacra essential oil has been characterized as deeply warm, earthy, resinous, sweet and balsamic. It is very supportive of meditation when diffused and creates in the individual a sense of being serene, of being grounded and promotes reflection on one’s life.

    Of all the varieties of the Frankincense genus, Frankincense Sacra is considered by aromatherapists and scent practitioners as having the “highest energetic resonance” by enabling the free flow of Qi energy. Boswellia Sacra is great for protecting and cleansing one’s aura.

    It slows and deepens one’s breathing which makes it a perfect choice for sacred and religious ceremonies. It can help clear focus and uplift the mind, which is great for relieving anxiety and depression.

    Its sedative properties promote sleep, which is restorative and helps counter insomnia. It can also improve mood and lessens stress, irritability, restlessness.

    Skin Care

    Frankincense Sacra is cicatrisant and cytophylactic. It also helps stretch marks and wrinkles to fade because it moisturizes, rejuvenates, softens and stretches the skin. Its cytophylactic properties aid in the regeneration of healthy cells and maintain the health of existing cells and tissue. Its antiseptic properties make Frankincense Sacra great for cuts and wounds.

    Frankincense Sacra neutralizes microbes, helps heal burns, reduces redness and diminishes swelling. It is effective on boils, acne and scarring on the skin.

    Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief

    It is an essential oil high in Alpha Pinene, which typically provide an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Frankincense Sacra is also highly lipophilic, which means it penetrates fats and the body’s tissues easily. This essential oil is very efficient to reduce pain and inflammation, to relax and soothe sore muscles, and it helps with headaches.

    Chemical composition of the Frankincense Sacra essential oil

    Boswellia Sacra essential oil has more than 150 chemical compounds. The most numerous are monoterpenes:
    _ Alpha pinene
    _ Sabinene
    _ Limonene
    _ Myrcene 

    Suggested directions.

    The best ways to use the frankincense essential oil is in massage and by inhalation.

    For massage, add 5 to 10 drops to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil. Do not apply undiluted directly to the skin.

    For inhalation use, it is possible to use this essential oil in diffusion and olfaction. It is not recommended to absorb this essential oil orally.

    Boswellia Sacra essential oil mixes very well with myrrh, basil, citrus, Pine, chamomile and wood essential oils.

    Additionnal information:

    Botanical Name: Boswellia Sacra
    Common names: Frankincense, Houjri
    Extraction method: Steam distillation
    Color: Light yellow
    Appearance: Liquid, mobile
    Country of origin: Oman
    Origin: Wildcrafted
    Botanical family: Burseraceae
    Plant part used: Resin
    Odor: Resinous, Sweet, balsamic


    Essential oils are concentrated and should be used with caution.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Avoid contact with the eyes.

    As Boswellia Sacra essential oil contains limonene and linalool, it can cause skin irritation in some people. It is recommended to perform a test before prolonged use. Never use it undiluted.

    As Frankincense essential oil is an expectorant and can be drying, it is recommended to people with asthma and epilepsy to consult a doctor before using.

    Do not use if pregnant, nursing, elderly and for children under 3 years of age. If suffering from any medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using.

    For pregnant women and babies, limited use is possible by diffusion.

    Do feel free to ask for further information and applications.

    DISCLAIMER: Essential oils are not meant to cure diseases and illnesses. They may ease some health problems and bring comfort. We suggest you consult a physician and do your own research for each essential oil that interests you.

    To get more safety information, read our article about the risks of using essential oils.

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