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Peppermint essential oil Roll-On

Peppermint essential oil Roll on is used for migraines, headaches and muscle pain. Effective for respiratory, skin and pain problems.
BOTANICAL NAME: Mentha Piperita
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    The Perfect, Multi-Purpose Roll-On

    Found growing naturally in North America and Europe, peppermint is a luxurious mind and body-stimulating herb within the mint family. In fact, Washington State is the leading peppermint essential oil producer in the world for its perfect, peppermint growing geographical location. Now, peppermint in and itself may be a highly recognizable scent that creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin. But it is important to know that this menthol-rich roll-on resource offers much more than just a fresh, lively aroma.

    Relieves Headaches, Migraines and Muscle Pain

    For centuries, peppermint has been widely used to relieve headache and migraine attacks for its large traces of menthol and potent aroma. The long-lasting chilled scent in conjunction with the dynamic anesthetic and counterirritant qualities of menthol can ease the contractions within the head that are causing the pain and discomfort.

    Even more, this wellness asset can simultaneously help relax sore, tense muscles by offering the same contraction effects. All someone would need to do is simply roll on the peppermint essential oil where applicable and allow it to soak in to remediate. The best part? It’s very strong, very efficient, and comes in a convenient, spill proof roll-on bottle. Most of Roll-on Peppermint essential oil on the market are diluted, but our product is undiluted. CAUTION, it’s not suited for all skin and particularly for sensitive skin. It needs to be tested on the skin inside the elbow to see potential reactions.

    Remediates Stress

    Another advantage of having a roll-on bottle is the mere fact that it can be effortlessly taken on the go. Despite if someone is at home, work, or on the road, there is no risk of spills or need to perform mixtures. Just pull it out, roll it on, and done. That being said, peppermint essential oil is reputable for remediating stress and anxiety with its soothing scent and anti-tensing properties. This benefit means that not only will one feel more balanced and relaxed when using it, but they will be able to carry this roll-on with them throughout the day to gain the ultimate stress management no matter where they are.

    Respiratory Problem Support

    Peppermint essential oil is an excellent muscle relaxer, and that also holds true for the bronchial muscles as well, aka the windpipe. Peppermint, when used for respiratory and congestive reasons, is able to support breathing by opening up their airways and ease coughing by soothing/numbing the scratchy throat with the cooling sensations. Intertwining this with the opportune roll-on bottle, anyone can obtain expedited respiratory relief in the most efficient and quickest way possible.

    Helps Clear Skin Infections and Inflammations

    There is a fundamental reason why peppermint is a prominent ingredient in many cosmetic products, dandruff shampoos, and body creams. Between the strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antipruritic properties, it works wonders when it comes to treating various skin infections and inflammations, including (but not limited to) acne, eczema, urticaria, shingles, herpes, and insect bites. In addition, rolling on peppermint essential oil over sunburns offers an icy/frosty effect that can calm the surface irritation, a direct result of the significant levels of menthol. Overall, peppermint essential oil is a wonderful way to bolster life quality in this manner, and the roll-on bottle application makes it that much more seamless and efficacious to gain the fruitful benefits.

    Chemical composition of the peppermint essential oil

    Peppermint essential oil has a chemical composition dominated by menthol and menthone. The main compounds of this essential oil are:

    _ Menthol
    _ Menthone
    _ Eucalyptol (1.8 cineol)
    _ Menthyl acetate
    _ Menthofuran

    Suggested directions

    Roll the rollerball on the neck, temples, inside the wrist, on the palm of the feet, behind the ears and even on your skull and chest.

    Additionnal information

    Botanical name: Mentha Piperita
    Common Names: Peppermint
    Extraction method: Steam distillation
    Color: Colorless to light yellow
    Consistency: Thin
    Country of origin: United States
    Botanical Family: Lamiaceae
    Plant part: Outside parts of the plant
    Scent: Minty, cold, refreshing.


    SAFETY PRECAUTION: As this Peppermint oil is NOT DILUTED, it is very strong. Please USE WITH CAUTION. Consider mixing with a carrier oil if you have a sensitive skin. It is recommended to test this essential oil on the skin inside the elbow to see potential reactions.

    Essential oils are concentrated and should be used with caution.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Avoid contact with the eyes.

    As it contains a large amount of menthol, the essential oil of peppermint can be irritating and too refreshing for the skin if used in a too large quantity.

    For humans, the absorption of large doses of peppermint essential oil can be staggering. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, epileptic, elderly and for children under 6 years of age. If suffering from any medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using. 

    Do feel free to ask for further information and applications.

    DISCLAIMER: Essential oils are not meant to cure diseases and illnesses. They may ease some health problems and bring comfort. We suggest you consult a physician and do your own research for each essential oil that interests you.

    To get more safety information, read our article about the risks of using essential oils.

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