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Cannabis Essential Oil

Cannabis essential oil is steamed distilled from the hemp plant. It has unique therapeutic properties: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and relaxing. It is perfect in aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, perfumes, scented candles, cosmetics and flavorings for various beverages and candies. It does not contain any cannabinoids or THC.
BOTANICAL NAME: Cannabis Sativa

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    Cannabis essential oil, also known as hemp essential oil, is a rare natural healer with a whole lot of medicinal values and a very essential inclusion into your household remedies. Cannabis essential oil (not to be confused with hemp seed oil) is obtained from the leaves, flowers and stems of the hemp plant. They are refined at low pressure distillation to get a high quality oil.

    A protective and relaxing essential oil

    Cannabis essential oil is a great wonder of nature. It is an all in one natural home remedy that helps you relax, boost your energy and helps relieve stress and anxiety. This oil is power packed to take care of a variety of ailments such as:

    Bacterial infections : Cannabis essential oil is a great antibacterial agent and has been proven to be very active against a wide range of pathogens and other gastrointestinal bacteria.

    Inflammation : This oil is an active anti-inflammatory agent. Using it on regular basis has treated many cases of inflammations such as eczema, asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, just to name a few.

    Fungal infections : Cannabis essential oil is known to possess great antifungal properties. It is used in the treatment of athletes foot, finger and toenail fungal infections, jock itch and so on.

    Cannabis essential oil is a wonderful aroma stabilizer. It is used by many perfume companies in a little quantity to strengthen other aromas and the smell of the perfume.

    This oil is also a great insects repellent agent.

    Chemical composition of Cannabis essential oil:

    Hemp contains about 140 different terpinoids, mainly monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. The main compounds of this hemp essential oil are:
    _ Beta Myrcene
    _ Alpha Pinene
    _ Terpinolene
    _ Limonene
    _ Beta Caryophyllene
    _ Alpha Humulene
    _ Caryophyllene Oxide

    Suggested directions:

    Add to carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil or almond oil, for massages.

    You can also add few drops in a diffuser to help ease respiratory problems.

    Do not apply undiluted directly to the skin.

    It can perfectly blend with bergamot, rose, vanilla, patchouli, lime and citrus oils.

    Additional information:

    Extraction method: Steam distillation
    Color: Yellow to orange
    Country of origin: France
    Plant part: Leaves, flowers and stem
    Smell: Cannabis


    Essential oils are concentrated and should be used with care. Keep out of reach of children.

    Avoid contact with eyes and do not use internally.

    If pregnant, nursing or suffering from any medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner before using.

    This product does not contain any THC or other cannabinoids. You will never get high from hemp essential oil.

    Do feel free to ask for further information and applications.

    DISCLAIMER: Essential oils are not meant to cure diseases and illnesses. They may ease some health problems and bring comfort. We suggest you consult a physician and do your own research for each essential oil that interests you.

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