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10 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

Posted on March 07 2021, By: admin

10 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil

There is a reason why lemon myrtle essential oil is so highly favored in holistic health and wellness. This mental boosting flowering plant, also known as Backhousia Citriodora, features numerous opulent compounds that have been both claimed and proven to bolster one’s overall life quality. But what is more intriguing is just how diversified those positive mind and body impacts genuinely are. To offer more insight on just how much of a powerhouse essential oil that lemon myrtle truly is, below is an informative list containing ten of the most spearheading advantages one can expect to gain by having this resource on standby.

1. Incredible Mood Uplifting Properties

For those looking for a mental boost, then lemon myrtle essential oil might be the very thing to assist. According to The Healthy, breathing in rich citrus scents has been proven by studies to boost energy and alertness. Even more, lemons, in particular, have been found to elevate moods and provoke feelings of positivity and calmness. Though anyone can use lemon myrtle for a fast 'pick me up,' it is beneficial for those with depression and anxiety as it influences mind relaxation and feelings of euphoria.

2. Potent Immune System Boosting

Something interesting about lemon myrtle essential oil is that it contains extraordinary amounts of antioxidants, antifungal compounds, antimicrobial elements, and antibiotic properties. This reality equates to lemon myrtle being able to bolster immune systems so people can optimally fight off harmful microorganisms that could cause illness. Integrating this oil either topically or via aromatherapy will enhance the body's natural defense response to outside bacterial/viral invaders, which is especially valuable during the cold and flu season.

3. Eases A Sore Throat

Even if sickness does happen to manifest and cause a pestering sore throat, have the solidifying confidence that lemon myrtle can still support. From an acute sore throat to something more severe like bronchitis, lemon myrtle's profound antibiotic and anti-inflammatory compounds can ease the throat back to prime health quickly. One popular modern way to obtain this outcome is using lemon myrtle in a diffuser, as the aroma will relax the mind along with the throat muscles, making breathing much more manageable.

4. Strong Respiratory Aid

Despite best efforts, there is likely going to be a time when everyone will encounter respiratory concerns at one point or another. However, have peace of mind that whether the situation entails facing the challenges of a head cold or the adversities of a sinus infection (sinusitis), lemon myrtle can remediate. Lemon myrtle, as noted above, possesses several anti-inflammatory properties. This means that inhaling the tangy/sweet smell can ease the inflamed sinus tract muscles for respiratory relief.

5. Unparalleled Skin Care Benefits

When it comes to aesthetics and beauty, lemon myrtle essential oil is a cornerstone skincare ally that can leave the skin clear, tightened, and vibrant. This is because lemon myrtle contains superior astringent properties, which is a chemical that tightens pores and can reduce acne breakouts. In conjunction with lemon myrtle's anti-inflammatory compounds, it can also combat certain skin infections such as psoriasis and dermatitis. All of this intertwined is why lemon myrtle is an exceptional and attractive natural skincare asset.

6. Excellent for Hair Care

While on the subject of beauty, lemon myrtle also works wonders at promoting healthy, strong, and luscious hair. Once a few lemon myrtle drops are applied to the scalp, it works diligently to purify the scalp skin without stripping away the natural oils. In fact, lemon myrtle is known to balance the skin's natural oils, which can help restore the hair follicles. This results in hair feeling clean, refreshed, and all-around more lifted because of the properties and the alluring zesty aroma.

7. Perfect for Wounds and Skin Irritations

By now, it is apparent that lemon myrtle essential oil is rich in antioxidants, antifungal, and antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. Though these compounds may be fantastic for skincare, mood-boosting, and respiratory support, that is not all it can do. When it comes to wound healing and skin irritations, these elements found in lemon myrtle have been clinically studied to help skin regeneration. This all means that applying lemon myrtle to affected skin irritation or wound sites will help reduce the risk of getting infected, speed up the healing duration, and soothe the skin back to health.

8. Fundamental for DIY Cleaning Products

It can be quite scary to read the huge list of chemicals that are on the back of commercial cleaning products. This very aspect has motivated tons of people towards creating more natural, alternative products to prioritizing their health. With that being said, lemon myrtle essential oil can be a perpetual ingredient for various DIY cleaning products. Since lemon myrtle is an antibacterial, it makes a perfect addition to natural cleaning solutions to remove unwanted bacteria from surfaces without breathing in harsh chemicals. Plus, the scent on its own will make the entire home or office smell amazingly clean and fresh.

Fun Fact: Lemon myrtle can also be applied in DIY insect repellents. With lemon myrtle having over 90% citral amount, it means that it may smell good to butterflies and humans, but not so much for insects. Citral is a powerful pest-repellent and pesticide, making lemon myrtle ideal for keeping pesky bugs away.

9. Ideal for Food Flavoring

Lemon myrtle essential oil may be very aromatic, but it also has exquisitely flavors. Next time a sweet or savory dish is made, think about replacing traditional bay leaves with a few drops of lemon myrtle instead. From stews, marinades, casseroles to roasts, lemon myrtle can add that extra fresh kick to make the meal statement-making. Keep in mind that lemon myrtle is very intense in flavor, so a little bit will go a long way.

Fun Fact: Though lemon myrtle is perfect for enhancing food flavoring, that same oil can improve oral health. Its antibacterial properties can cleanse the mouth of harmful microorganisms, which leaves it clean and protected against future bacterial growth risks.

10. Wonderful House Deodorizer

Last but not least, it is no secret that lemon myrtle essential oil smells incredible. The best part is that not only does it protrude a sweet, vibrant aroma throughout a space, but it also kills unwanted airborne bacteria, viruses, and even fungi in moist locations. This is due to lemon myrtle being home to potent antibacterial compounds that combat microorganisms that cause harm. All in all, take pride in filling a diffuser with lemon myrtle at home because doing so means influencing improved mental wellbeing, having a safer environment to live in, and being able to enjoy a zestful aroma all in one.

Conclusion - Begin Your Path Towards Better Health and Wellness

From being a strong astringent, antiseptic, antimicrobial, decongestant, expectorant to its anti-inflammatory properties, lemon myrtle essential oil has undoubtedly been proven to be a leading resource that promotes new levels of mental and physical wellbeing. This all-natural asset is incredibly versatile in combating diverse health challenges ranging from acute to chronic and is a pinnacle agent that essential oil advocates across the globe love. In the end, essential oils as a whole may feature immense benefits that improve life quality, but lemon myrtle is undeniably an accredited one that deserves to be in the spotlight.

Written by Amber Dean


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