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10 Iconic Benefits and Uses of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Posted on April 10 2021, By: admin

10 Iconic Benefits and Uses of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

Here at Rosemary Creek, the lemon verbena essential oil has quickly gained traction as a valuable health and wellness resource, and for several good reasons. From the dynamic anti-inflammatory benefits, the boosted concentration features to the pure relaxation-inducing compounds, lemon verbena contains a vast range of advantages that have earned it significant recognition within the essential oil family. Because of that, below contains a comprehensive overview of the 10 most respected benefits of lemon verbena, so those contemplating leveraging it know what valuable outcomes to expect.

Disclaimer: Make sure to not confuse lemon verbena with the other respected essential oil, verbena officinalis. These two may have similar names, but they come from different plants and host different reputable benefits.

1. Immune System Support

Those seeking detox and immunity support can find that by leveraging lemon verbena. Lemon verbena has been found to be effective in removing free radicals within the body and is rich in phenolic compounds. Overall, phenolic compounds are potent antioxidants that are able to, again, remove free radicals as well as reduce oxidative stresses. These features all equate to a boosted immune system to secure and protect the body from outside invaders causing sickness.

Fun Fact: Lemon verbena also holds anti-candida Albicans activity, which is a natural fungus that is part of normal gut flora. However, it can be very opportunistic for immunity reasons if the body becomes compromised with an infection.

2. Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent

Another notable aspect of lemon verbena is how excellent it is as an anti-inflammatory agent. Several studies and sources have discovered that lemon verbena has biological components that possess anti-inflammatory properties, making it a wonderful asset to remediate joint pain. For instance, the main chemical component of lemon verbena is called verbascoside, which is responsible for the many benefits and the strong anti-inflammatory reactions when used as a natural alternative to treat joint pains and stiffness.

3. Aids in Muscle Protection

In coincidence with joint pain remediation, lemon verbena essential oil is also reputable for aiding in full-scope muscle protection. As noted above, lemon verbena is able to reduce oxidative stresses within the body, and that includes the oxidative damage that arises during strenuous exercise. Along with this, according to a controlled study, those who take advantage of lemon verbena experience less muscle pain after exercise and recover much fast than those who don’t. Based on the research with that said study, the reason is because lemon verbena has high levels of polyphenols, an element that has been said to reduce muscle damage and inhibit muscle regrowth after intensive exercise.

4. Natural Stress Reliever

Lemon in and of itself is a very calming and uplifting citrus aroma. With that, it stands to reason why lemon verbena essential oil is widely utilized to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Furthermore, this soothing oil holds key properties such as verbascoside that influence a calming effect on the nervous system. All of this means that those who apply it topically with a carrier oil or use it as aromatherapy are able to experience a sense of sedative calming relief as their body releases feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and stress.

5. Boosts Concentration

In conjunction with promoting relaxation and reduced stress, lemon verbena essential oil is able to boost one’s focus and concentration to advancing levels. The primary reason for this is the very scent of the lemon verbena itself acting as a monumental, uplifting stimulant that stimulates brain function. Intertwining the reality that it lowers stress means that one can clear their mind of unnecessary worry and ‘brain fog' so they can concentrate on their tasks at hand without the distraction of feelings of being overwhelmed.

Tip: Consider pairing lemon verbena with a few drops of peppermint essential oil into a diffuser for optimal clarity and concentration.

6. Improves Digestive Health

With the expectorant elements that lemon verbena essential oil contains, it is a prime resource to advance overall digestive health. In fact, lemon verbena has been historically leveraged for digestive purposes. All in all, lemon verbena is able to soothe the stomach due to its antispasmodic compounds, which becomes the catalyst for a more calmed gastrointestinal tract. As a final note here, though this oil can support anyone looking for a helpful digestive aid, it is exceptionally valuable for those with IBS, cramping, bloating, or experiencing indigestion on getting back to a balanced and proper functioning state.

Cautionary tip: It is always advised and recommended to seek medical consultation before using lemon verbena for digestive support.

7. Excellent for Weight Loss Objectives

Losing weight and slimming down to a desired goal weight is never as easy as it sounds. Though diet and exercise are the key aspects to make that happen, recognize that there are natural means like lemon verbena to help make the process more seamless with faster results. Studies have shown that integrating lemon verbena into a weight loss plan will effectively lower unhealthy cravings and suppress appetite. Even more, this oil is also able to help stimulate the body to burn more fat by regulating the metabolism and digestive system.

8. Wonderful Skin Care Resource

Believe it or not, lemon verbena essential oil has a prevalent reputation for being a luxury, organic skin care asset. When applied topically to the face with a carrier oil, it works deeply to rejuvenate skin in various ways. Some of those include reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin cell regeneration, tones, and smooths skin appearance. In addition, the antibacterial properties make it an excellent resource to combat stubborn acne and contract pores to prevent future breakouts.

Fun Fact: The antioxidant elements within lemon verbena essential oil can also help secure and protect skin from varying environmental toxins.

9. Perfect for DIY Products

Whether it be holistic cleaners to more opulent items like candles, body wash, and soaps, the lemon verbena aroma makes for a great DIY natural additive. The scent itself offers a bright, summer-like vibe that illuminates an uplifting feel all around, and the antibacterial properties make for a perfect for fighting off risks of infections and sicknesses. The best part is that there are endless recipes you can try out. For some more support on this point, click here for a DIY lemon verbena soap recipe, and here for a lemon verbena candle recipe.

10. Natural Insect Repellent

Lastly, lemon verbena essential oil can be used to protect the body and home against insects. Bugs, especially mosquitos, dislike the smell of lemon and avoid being in areas that portray that smell. By simply applying the oil topically with a carrier oil, it can ward off unwanted pests naturally to make the outdoor experience much more enjoyable. It can also be applied to doorways and windows to keep bugs from getting inside, doing so all without the risk of adverse health concerns.

Conclusion - A Worthy Wellness Addition

Since the 17th century, people all across South America were cultivating the flowering plant called Aloysia citriodora (also known as lemon beebrush) for its powerful lemon verbena oil. It was often used back then to relax the mind, treat depression, and aid in digestive health. Fast forward to today, the extensive range of health and wellness advantages have traveled worldwide through generations and has become one of the leading essential oil resources on the market within the modern age. In the end, it is no secret that lemon verbena is a wonderful and highly vetted holistic asset for anyone looking to improve their health naturally, making it an exceptionally worthy addition to any essential oil collection.

Written by Amber Dean


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