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Lavender essential oil and its profound calming effects

Posted on August 26 2020, By: admin

Lavender essential oil and its profound calming effects

As one of the most anxiolytic, sedative, and calming natural scents, lavender is a powerful essential oil known to increase overall well-being. In many cases, just the very distinct aroma it provides is enough to treat common mental and physical challenges. Overall, this multi-purpose oil is exceptionally versatile, great for benefiting your skin, reducing wrinkles, improving hair health, and even supporting digestion. However, though these are all fantastic outcomes, the most common reason why lavender essential oil is so popular today is due to its profound calming effects.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety and anxiousness are leading reasons why so many people turn to lavender. Lavender has a way of interacting with your GABA neurotransmitters, which support your brain in relaxing and reaching a calmer state of mind. It alters your overactive thoughts, tones them down, and gives you the ability to hear yourself think without being shadowed with anxieties.

Lowers Depression

Lavender is proven to improve mood and reduce the adversities of depression. Similar to how the aroma communicates with your brain to slow down, that can become a catalyst for you to see things more clearly and realize life is not as bad as it may seem. In addition, sleep deprivation is highly linked to depression. Because this essential oil is fantastic at promoting better sleep cycles, it inevitably supports the effort to elevate your mood in this light too.

Improves Insomnia

There have been numerous studies conducted demonstrating lavender being a prime way to fight insomnia. The driving factor of this is because lavender is able to . With racing thoughts, jittery movement, and an over-stimulated mind being common causes of the inability to fall asleep, lavender has shown to combat this. When your mind and body are relaxed, you will have a much easier time going to sleep and staying asleep.

Combats Stress

In a stress-filled society, it may be inevitable that you feel yourself rising in your own stress levels. The problem with this is stress is particularly bad for your overall health. When you are stressed, it makes your body feel threatened. Your nervous system releases floods of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, and results in your heart beating faster, your blood pressure rising, and your muscles tightening. Now, stress is a part of life, but with lavender, you can help manage it much better. Just like it helps with anxiety, lavender will allow you to experience calm and tranquility to keep your body well balanced.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can be used in several different ways. For example, you can apply it topically on your skin or hair (make sure you dilute it first with a carrier oil if you do this), or you can use it in a diffuser, which shoots the scent into the air. If you want to add an extra layer of relaxation, add a few drops into your bath and soak in there for a bit.

The best part about this essential oil is that you can also mix it with others to really maximize the affects you are going for. For example, if you want to treat insomnia, mix together:
- Lavender Essential Oil: 10 drops
- Chamomile Essential Oil: 2 drops
- Peppermint Essential Oil: 2 drops
- Clary sage Essential Oil: 2 drops.

Massage this combination onto your chest before bed, and you will be fast asleep in no time.

Conclusion – It’s Time to Reduce Stresses and Influence Calmness

It is no secret that life can be pretty crazy and chaotic sometimes. Between work, school, home life, financial concerns, and everything else in between, it can all take a toll on your mental health. Anxieties may be high, depression can be prominent, and maybe you are not sleeping enough because your mind is always racing. Whatever you may be going through, never forget the power lavender has. By investing in top-quality, all-natural lavender oil, it can help bring you back to a more peaceful mindset and foster a higher quality of life. Just a simple drop or two can transform you into becoming more stable, positive, and feel much more in control of your own life.

As a final note, always remember that you do not have to suffer. Take advantage of the potent calming effects lavender has because you deserve to feel your best no matter what.

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