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7 Superb Benefits and Uses of Wild Verbena Essential Oil

Posted on May 02 2021, By: admin

7 Superb Benefits and Uses of Wild Verbena Essential Oil

Holding exceptional medical properties, including soothing skin irritation and rectifying diverse congestion challenges, Wild Verbena essential oil is a native South African resource that features unparalleled health advantages. Wild Verbena (Lippia Javanica), also referred to as “the fever tree”, is a superb member of the verbena family, but be careful not to confuse this oil with the other verbena species, such as lemon verbena. Though both of these popular types are named verbena, the chemical compositions, color, and consistency differ. For example, lemon verbena tends to have a pale olive or yellow color, whereas wild verbena has a color range of dark yellow, orange, to even brown. It also tends to have a more medium to thick consistency that makes it so distinct from the rest of the verbena family.

Nonetheless, wild verbena essential oil has made a reputable name for itself over the last few centuries and is highly advocated for in holistic health practices. Between the lovely fruity scent and profound chemical make-up that delivers a vast range of wellness benefits, it stands to reason why this mind/body bolstering asset is a favored agent that spearheads numerous health objectives.

1. Relieves Cold/Flu Coughs, Fevers, and Congestion

There is a reason why wild verbena essential oil has been referred to as the fever tree for centuries. This oil is packed with wonderful antiparasitic, antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that collectively combat high fevers, congestion, harsh coughs such as bronchitis. In addition, wild verbena also holds robust immune-boosting elements, which means those who leverage this resource while sick with the flu or the common cold will recover much faster.

Tip: Though the fruity scent works wonders at lowering fevers, easing coughs, and opening congested airways, it can also be integrated into a chest rub to support recovery and improve sleep. For this topical route, consider mixing about 20 drops of wild verbena essential oil, 20 drops of Ravintsara, and 20 drops of peppermint oil with a ½ cup of shea butter and ½ cup of coconut oil.

2. Supports Those with Asthma

Along with speeding up cold and flu experiences while simultaneously increasing comfort along the way, wild verbena essential oil is also an excellent aid for those who have asthma. Just a few drops mixed with a carrier oil applied to the chest or leveraged within a diffuser can effectively open congested/swollen airways to improve breathing. This benefit stems from the anti-inflammatory properties this oil contains that soothes the throat muscles and relieves it from the tension that causes breathing to become a challenge. As a side win-win advantage of using the diffuser path for asthma purposes, the fruity/lemon aroma will help purify the home, leaving behind a welcoming, uplifting aroma.

3. Boosts Immune System

In coincidence with easing diverse respiratory challenges, wild verbena essential oil can also position people to become less sick as well. Wild verbena is filled with antioxidants that can enhance the body's natural responses to fight diseases and infections. For example, oxidative stress results from free radicals that attack the immune system, and wild verbena can reduce those oxidative stress levels by promoting white blood cell activity. Simply using wild verbena essential oil in a diffuser or applied topically with a carrier oil can unlock this long-term, life quality boosting benefit.

4. Natural Insect Repellent

More than half of the population experiences skin rashes, irritation, or other more serious adverse effects of using commercial insect repellents. The large doses of DEET have been tested and linked to other things like memory loss, headaches, and skin blisters as well. With that being said, wild verbena essential oil is an all-natural alternative that can steer clear bugs without subjecting the user to nasty, chemically induced side effects. Overall, wild verbena essential oil has a very fruity/lemon-like scent, and bugs (especially mosquitos) dislike the smell of citrus and lemon. Just a few diluted drops on the skin can leave a person both protected outside from getting bit and healthy at the same time.

5. Eliminates Lice

Along with repelling bugs while outside in nature,wild verbena essential oil can be a leading resource in getting rid of head lice. The majority of the time, head lice cases have been tackled using topical insecticides, but the strive for a more organic root has been on the rise, and wild verbena is part of that push. In short, wild verbena is a very notable medical plant. The oils it creates have very high concentrations of ipsdienone, which is a known element for repelling pests and killing off head lice without irritating skin in the process.

Fun Fact: Wild verbena essential oil can also be used inside cupboards to keep them free of insects, such as moths, from making home in there.

6. Strong Anti-Inflammatory Agent

It was mentioned a couple of times already that wild verbena essential oil is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, but what does that entail exactly? Aside from reducing respiratory tension and opening airways with this, wild verbena’s anti-inflammatory properties are able to soothe mild joint and muscle pain too. For instance, though exercising is wonderful with amazing outcomes, it can frequently be accompanied by oxidative stress and inflammation. That can become the catalyst for muscle/joint soreness and fatigue after the fact. However, applying wild verbena essential oil to the skin after working out or on specific pained areas of the body can promote general full-scope pain relief.

7. Heals Various Skin Irritations and Wounds

Now migrating over to skincare relations, wild verbena essential oil is widely utilized for its dynamic healing properties for various skin irritations and wounds. The reason why wild verbena works so well at improving skin and speeding up healing is because it is a prevalent antiseptic and antibacterial source, giving the oil the ability to support the healing of things like cuts, sores, rashes, bug bites, and abscesses. The incredible part is that not only does wild verbena aid in skin healing, it also offers a keen soothing effect, making the symptoms of such irritations or wounds much easier to cope with. Lastly, please keep in mind that this essential oil is not meant to cure skin diseases or chronic illnesses in this light, but it sure can make the road to recovery a much more seamless one.

Tip: To soothe skin rashes, consider mixing together 2 ounces of almond oil, 10 drops of wild verbena, 7 drops of lavender oil, and 8 drops of rose geranium oil. Use this mixture and apply it to the affected skin area, massaging gently.

Conclusion - Enjoy the Wild Benefits of Wild Verbena Essential Oil

Wild verbena is certainly an essential oil that anyone should keep on hand for one reason or another. From soothing skin irritations, remediating cold/flu symptoms to the other notable benefits in between, this multi-dimensional medical herb has proven to be a keen health and wellness aid that can significantly improve overall life quality, both in the short and long term. In coincidence with that, those who utilize this source are subjected to advanced immunity as well. That equates to users being able to feel the relief from the oil’s support in the present, all while having the assurance that they are simultaneously building stronger natural health defenses along the way.

In the end, wild verbena essential oil is a powerful and valuable organic asset to consider integrating into day-to-day life. Regardless if it is being used for respiratory reasons, skin optimization, or used daily for things like insect repelling, wild verbena has proven to strengthen the mind and body in various authentic ways, and that is something everyone deserves to experience.

Written by Amber Dean.


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