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Positive Effects of Tea Tree Essential Oil for the Skin

Posted on September 20 2020, By: admin

Positive Effects of Tea Tree Essential Oil for the Skin

If you are an essential oil advocate, then you may have already heard about the profound healing abilities that come from utilizing tea tree oil. After all, this amazing essential oil, also referred to as melaleuca oil, is said to be a powerful antibacterial solution. The compound capabilities (such as terpinen-4-ol) make tea tree favorable in treating things such as athlete’s foot, insect bites, nail fungus, and even remediate a lice problem. Though this is all great, there is another side of tea tree essential oil, and it is the incredibly positive effects it has on your skin.

As the largest organ on your body, your skin is a very vulnerable, delegate, and vital part of your overall being and needs to be prioritized if you want to live a quality life from the inside out. But as you know, many commercial-grade products can actually do more harm than good in the grand reality of things. But by using tea tree, this is a prime alternative to conventional treatments and can benefit your skin in extraordinary ways.

Acne Fighter

If you are someone who is prone to acne breakouts, then tea tree can help significantly with that. The strong antimicrobial compounds that make up tea tree essential oil can penetrate your skin's surface and unclog your sebaceous glands as well as remove dead skin cells. In addition, this oil can also dry out blackheads and pimples to reduce their appearance. 

Tip: This oil is very potent, so you only need to use a little bit at a time to get the maximum results.

To Lighten the Appearance of Scars

Do you have a scar you wish would be less prominent? With tea tree oil, you can use it to lighten those scars and make them more camouflaged with your skin tone. It can do this due to the antioxidant properties, enabling this oil to have skin cell regeneration features. By massaging the moil onto your scar(s) each day until it absorbs, you will begin to see improved overall scar visibility.

Helps Against Skin Infections

As humans, you inevitably get into accidents that result in your skin to be open to infections. Maybe you were cooking and cut yourself in the process or nicked the back of your knee while shaving. To keep your exposed wound protected from things like staph, clean it out well and apply diluted tea tree essential oil before covering to prevent infections from festering.

Tip: Though the antibacterial aspects of tea tree oil work well on their own, consider diluting it with lavender oil and jojoba oil to get the optimal protection.

Strong Anti-dandruff Solution

When it comes to skin health, you cannot ignore your scalp. Since tea tree oil is a natural therapeutic and has cleansing abilities, it makes it extremely valuable when mixed with your regular shampoo. By adding a couple of drops to your shampoo while you are in the shower, you can fight against chemical build-ups, reduce dry/itchiness, remove dead skin on your scalp, stimulate hair growth, and give your hair a thorough cleanse.

Tip: If you aim to improve conditioning, try coconut oil mixed with a couple of tea tree essential oil drops to obtain moisturizing hair shine effects.

Say Goodbye to Eczema

Eczema can happen to anyone, and it can be very challenging to get rid of, but that is where tea tree oil can come into play. This oil is well known for relieving any type of skin inflammation and is said to be more effective than clobetasone butyrate and zinc oxide creams. Because of this, it can ease eczema naturally, and can even reduce signs of psoriasis.

Tip: To reduce inflammation, mix about five drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of quality coconut oil to receive the best results.

Reduces Irritations and Redness

In conjunction with its anti-inflammatory and purifying features, tea tree oil helps soothe irritated and red skin, resulting in reduced swelling and redness. There have been numerous studies and research that support this reality. But again, it is recommended you dilute your tea tree oil first before applying to your skin. Just one or two drops to your carrier oil or moisturizer is ideal in achieving an even-toned, non-irritated skin outcome.

Conclusion - Put Your Skin First

Just about everyone can agree that glowing, vibrant, healthy skin is a mission worth striving for. And if you have tried tons of products with still no luck in reaching that goal, then it's time to try tea tree essential oil. As you can see, this remedy is a wonderful and proven to work solution to really put your skin first. From adverse conditions to the exceptional skin transformations, it is no wonder why this diverse oil is so popular in modern society today. So, if you genuinely want to improve your overall skin appearance, then you can obtain that and more by investing in this herculean oil.

As a final reminder, not all essential oils are created equal. Do your research due diligence and choose your oils from a respected, transparent company to be confident you are getting authentic, quality-driven products each time.

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