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13 Benefits and Uses of Ravintsara Essential Oil

Posted on December 30 2020, By: admin

13 Benefits and Uses of Ravintsara Essential Oil

For those seeking a powerful, 360-degree immune-boosting essential oil, one that should not be overlooked is Ravintsara Essential Oil. Derived from the distilled leaves of the Cinnamomum camphora tree, Ravintsara Essential Oil is a potent natural remedy that can combat diverse health concerns ranging from mild to severe. Whether its medicative features are used via a diffuser, stick inhaler, massage with a carrier oil, or integrated into a homemade chest rub, take a look at just how multi-purposed this organic oil truly is to cultivate a quality-rich life.

1. Treats Infections

Whether it be wounds, cuts, cold sores, to even ear infections, Ravintsara Essential Oil has been shown via studies to support the antiviral activity. This oil is rich in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, making it a vital asset in killing both viral and bacterial infections. For even more effectiveness, try mixing Ravintsara Essential Oil with hemp seed oil as the carrier oil to speed up the healing process.

Tip: Coconut oil and jojoba oil are also great carrier oils for treating and/or preventing bacterial infections.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Along with being a strong antimicrobial and antibacterial resource, Ravintsara Essential Oil is also a well-known anti-inflammatory. The compounds found in this oil are able to reduce swelling and relieve pain caused by inflammation. The underlying reason for this is because Ravintsara Essential Oil contains cineole, which is proven to be a robust anti-inflammatory element.

3. Helps with Headaches

An important thing to recognize is that the primary chemical found in Ravintsara is Eucalyptol. This is where the oil gets its soothing scent and what makes it such a reputable aromatherapy product. However, the smell does not just soothe and relax the mind and body; it also works wonders at fighting against frequent headaches and migraines. A 1994 study found that eucalyptol can remove the head tension that causes headaches, especially when used alongside peppermint oil and ethanol.

4. Purifies the Air

Did you know that many reasons behind respiratory infections, coughing, and allergy side effects have to do with the air quality within the home? The air inside a space can be filled with pollutants, molds, and allergens, which all pose mild to severe health risks for the entire family. To help combat this, purify with Ravintsara Essential Oil to keep you and your loved ones safe. This is a 100% chemically-free way to purify the air and can also remove any odors that may have been lingering.

Fun Fact: Not only does this oil aromatize and clean the air inside a home, but according to the National Library of Medicine, it can also inhibit the growth of new airborne germs and bacteria.

5. Eases U.T.I Symptoms

A Urinary tract infection, also known as a UTI, is an infection that is developed within the urinary system. Most involve the lower urinary tract and can cause significant pain. However, using Ravintsara Essential Oil as a topical agent can help ease the inflammation and muscle tension, making the symptoms much more comfortable to bear while recovering. Not to mention that because it is an antibacterial, Ravintsara Essential Oil can also help reduce future bacteria and infections from causing UTIs again in the future.

6. Remediates Respiratory and Cough Issues

Coming from the same study as mentioned above, along with others such as on ScienceDirect, Ravintsara Essential Oil is also proven to open up nasal passages, clear sinuses, remediate things such as sinusitis. The elegant, enlightening aroma, along with the antimicrobial compounds, effectively soothes respiratory issues caused by colds and the flu and can simultaneously treat lung and throat infections like bronchitis along the way to its anti-inflammatory elements.

Tip: To clear sinuses, use a nebulizing diffuser, or dilute it with a carrier oil such as apricot kernel, and apply topically to the chest.

7. All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

Looking for an effective hand sanitizer without the harsh chemicals that are often in commercial products? Try making one out of Ravintsara Essential Oil instead. This natural oil is a respected antiviral and antiseptic resource and is able to prevent viruses from spreading within the body while simultaneously strengthening the immune system (which will be covered more in-depth later in the list). But in this light, it makes for an extraordinary way to kill germs on the hands organically.

How to make hand sanitizer using Ravintsara Essential Oil:

  • Pour a decent amount of rubbing alcohol and Aloe Vera gel in a clean bowl and mix it well.
  • Add in vegetable glycerine, about 10 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil, and about 10 drops of Ravintsara Essential Oil.
  • Mix the ingredients together well and transfer it into a dispenser bottle. Make sure to shake it well before each use.

8. Combats Muscular Pain

Soreness caused by exerted muscles is never a pleasant experience. Though certain over the counter spot treatments and ice/hot packs can work to a degree, nothing tends to ease those muscle adversities quite like Ravintsara Essential Oil. Just a few drops in a warm tub or used topically with a carrier oil reduces muscle cramps and fatigue, which in turn helps the body regain flexibility and mobility holistically.

9. Reduces Signs of Depression

Not everything that Ravintsara Essential Oil does is targeted to the health and wellness of the body. It is also fantastic at promoting better mental health as well, with reducing signs of depression being the most prevalent. Overall, Ravintsara Essential Oil is said to be a natural antidepressant because when inhaled, people exhibit less depression-like behaviors and experience less stress. The scent is also linked to improving the serotonergic system (the system of brain transmitters that are associated with depression) by slowing the release of stress hormones.

Fun Fact: The cineole in Ravintsara Essential Oil has also been proven to reduce anxiety as well. The study for this can be found here.

10. Supports Those with Insomnia

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to health and wellbeing. So, for those with insomnia where getting adequate sleep is challenging to accomplish, try letting Ravintsara Essential Oil ease the mind to a more relaxed, stress-free state. The aroma is very uplifting and has the ability to calm nerves and un-tense muscles, making it much easier to fall asleep and stay sleeping longer.

Tip: For the best results, try making a proportionate blend of Ravintsara Essential Oil with Essential Oils Lavender, Mandarin, and petitgrain. Combine 1ml of each oil using an amber-colored bottle, and let it settle for about 3 days before using. Once done, dispense a few drops in the bedroom diffuser to fight insomnia.

11. Focus Enhancer

Fatigue and disorientation are widespread things people face. Millions of people worldwide have trouble concentrating day to day and tend to rely on coffee and other caffeination means to stay energized from sun up to sun down.  If this sounds you, then consider leveraging the mentally stimulating properties of Ravintsara Essential Oil. This all-natural, organic focus enhancer works exceptionally well at decreasing feelings of fatigue, drowsiness and allows the mind to hone in on the tasks at hand. Those who use this oil find they are much more focus-centric and productive. 

12. Fights Against Skin Breakouts

Now understanding that Ravintsara Essential Oil is a monumental anti-infective agent, this means that it is a powerful skincare solution to reduce acne breakouts. Using diluted Ravintsara Essential Oil will purify the skin, help those with oiler skin cleanse deeply, and preserve the skin’s natural defenses at the same time.

Warning: As incredible as it may be for the skin, never put any essential oil near the eyes.

13. Profound Immune Booster

In the end, no matter what physical health obstacle is present, know that Ravintsara Essential Oil will not only remediate it, but will all position the body to get sick much less often. This is because Ravintsara Essential Oil is an excellent immune booster. Breaking that down some more, this resource aids in lymphatic drainage. When used as a massage, it increases blood flow, reduces toxins in the body, and helps the lymph system (part of the body's immune system) fight against infections. For instance, those who use this oil are much less likely to catch a common cold, pneumonia, and even influenza. 

Conclusion – Adding Ravintsara Essential Oil to Your Collection

From remediating ear infections, boosting immunity, promoting better mental health, to everything else in between, there is no denying that Ravintsara Essential Oil is a wonderful addition to anyone’s natural health resources collection. Not only has this oil been leveraged since ancient times, but it has also been heavily tested and studied, making the health claims much more solidifying. In the end, be confident in investing in Ravintsara Essential Oil because history and science demonstrate that the results of using it will be nothing shy of favorable.


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