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The Amazing Respiratory effects of Ravintsara Essential Oil

Posted on September 20 2020, By: admin

The Amazing Respiratory effects of Ravintsara Essential Oil

One of the more common adversities of life is respiratory infections. From the excess coughing, nasal congestion, facial pressure, to the scratchy throats, it is something that no one ever wishes to deal with, but it happens often. Now before you head to your local store and pick up a commercial remedy, take a step back and think about if there is a more natural, healthier alternative to take to ease you back to proper health.

Ready for the spoiler? There is, and it’s called Ravintsara essential oil.

What Is Ravintsara?

Ravintsara is a powerhouse essential oil that comes from the distilled leaves of the Cinnamomum camphora tree. Though the Ravintsara is often confused with another member that comes from the Lauraceae family, Ravensara, the Ravintsara essential oil is milder and more comparable to the Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptol is the primary chemical found in Ravintsara and is what makes its aroma uniquely invigorating, perfect for a soothing massage. In summary, this essential oil provokes aromatic benefits, including relaxation, anti-inflammatory elements, and contains surface cleaning aspects that prosper your skin. Some other advantages include:

  • treats infections
  • relieves headaches
  • helps with insomnia
  • reduces soreness
  • builds immunity
  • contains antitussive properties
  • reduces signs of depression

As great as all the above are and substantial reasons to try this essential oil out for yourself, the area focused in this article is its incredible ability to alleviate respiratory congestion.

How Ravintsara Essential Oil Helps with Respiratory Infections

Due to the Ravintsara scent and chemical foundation, it has the ability to remediate respiratory problems, such as asthma, viral colds, and congested sinuses. Ravintsara oils have an antitussive effect that can help relieve coughs and soothe your throat at the same time, which can assist you in breathing better and sleeping deeper until your body can heal itself. By leveraging its advanced features, it can support you in your healing process by clearing up clogged or chocked airways that are hindering you from resting and functioning during the day. All you have to do is breathe in the fragrance and let it work its wonders.

Another plus side is that because Ravintsara is known to build immunity, it can support you in getting sick less often during your healing process as well. All in all, this means when you use this essential oil, you are not only helping your current situation, you are also paving the way to reduce it from happening again in the future.

Tip: You can push your respiratory infection along even faster towards recovery if you add some peppermint essential oil with your Ravintsara.

How to Use Ravintsara Essential Oil

There are several different ways you can take advantage of Ravintsara. For instance, as noted above, you can add some peppermint essential oil to optimize results. But that is not the only way you can utilize it. To give you some guidance, here is a key chest recipe you can try out to really gain the most value and get on the right track to better health.

For this particular one, make sure to use a dark-colored glass bottle and shake the mixture well for about 3 minutes. Then before using, let it sit for about 24 hours to allow the oils to all synergize. Once ready, add 3 to 6 drops into your carrier oil and massage it into your chest and throat area about 2 or 3 times a day.

  • 20 of drops Ravintsara
  • 20 of drops Rosemary
  • 10 drops of Eucalyptus citriodora
  • 10 of drops Thyme

Tip: Make sure to always test your formula on a small patch of your skin first before applying entirely. This will help ensure you are not allergic or have any adverse reactions.


Everyone gets sick or has a hard time breathing occasionally. It is only natural and a part of life. Nonetheless, this also does not mean you have to suffer or prolong the opposing effects. With the assistance of Ravintsara essential oil, you can speed up your recovery, feel more at ease as you recover.

But remember, whether you have a respiratory infection or not, Ravintsara essential oil is an excellent addition you should keep at home. The lovely scent can inspire your state of mind and stimulate both your psyche and soul. From detoxing your body, enabling you to center and amass, and of course, guiding you back to prime health are all fundamental reasons why you should give it a shot yourself and see just what you have been missing.

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