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The Effective Antifungal Aspects of Monarda Essential Oil

Posted on November 22 2020, By: admin

The Effective Antifungal Aspects of Monarda Essential Oil

From athlete's foot, ringworm, candidiasis, serious systemic infections like cryptococcal meningitis, and many others, fungal infections are something that no one should have to experience. But the reality is that there is an estimation of a billion people worldwide who suffer from skin, hair, or nail fungal infections, millions of which have fungal conditions that severely impact their day to day lives. Now, there are, of course, countless antifungal medications and over the counter remedies that tend to be the go-to resource to treat such conditions. But if you genuinely want to get the most value in the healthiest, most natural way possible, then it's time you think about investing in Monarda Essential oil. 

What Is Monarda Essential Oil?

Monarda Essential oil, also referred to as Bee Balm or Wild Bergamot essential oil, is a powerfully exotic antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial that can cure even the most challenging fungal/skin infections, and even urinary infections as well. This natural resource has been utilized by Native Americans for thousands of years. In fact, the Oswego Indians were the first to introduce wild bergamot to the American colonists during the Boston Tea Party time period. The wild bergamot was used to replace the tea that was tossed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Monarda essential oil itself comes from the distillation of the wild Bee Balm flowers. And based on the history and inventory of successes it holds, this lemony scented essential oil offers incredible therapeutic constituents, one worth adding to your medicine cabinets.

The Antifungal Benefits of Monarda Essential Oil

Overall, Monarda essential Oil comes with a broad range of benefits. For example, many people use it as aromatherapy due to its ability to induce feelings of calmness, peace, and tranquility. It can also promote uplifted spirits and put you in a better mood, making it an ideal option to combat signs of depression. However, Monarda essential oil is most popular and known for its effectiveness at being a robust antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial agent. What does this mean exactly?

  • It is able to kill off any bacteria that could be lingering on your skin due to cuts, wounds, scrapes, or bruises. Due to this, it means you will have a reduced risk of becoming septic or incurring tetanus.
  • Being couples with anti-inflammatory features means Monarda essential oil can also rid your body of various forms of fungi and bacteria, making it a perfect all-natural alternative to synthetic fungicides.
  • There was a 2013 research study published in the Journal of Food Research that discovered Monarda essential oil contains an antimicrobial chemical composition and hosts high levels of Thymol. This means that Monarda essential oil can actually inhibit the growth of various bacterial and fungal strains.

Monarda Essential Oil Recipes

There are several ways you can utilize Monarda essential oil. The first and most common way is to mix about ten drops of it with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Then take that combination and gently massage it onto the affected area two to three times a day over the period of a few weeks. While doing so, ensure that you are only touching the affected area. Touching the non-infected areas means you are risking the fungus spreading over the healthy skin.

Another way you can use it is in a diffuser. Adding a few drops and allowing the scent to circulate into the air not only supports a better mental state, but it can also improve the air quality in your home. Since fungi can sometimes grow within air vents, using your diffuser can help kill off those growths and make your hair healthier to breathe.

Fun Fact: Monarda oil blends very well with both sandalwood, lemon, lime, lavender, and neroli essential oils.

Conclusion – Leverage the Power of Monarda Essential Oil

No matter what type of fungal infection you are facing, know that there is an all-natural solution that you can invest in that will guarantee you favorable results. Monarda essential oil is an excellent alternative to over the counter or prescription medication and has been demonstrated to work for thousands of years. And the best part is that once your fungal infection is cured, you can still take advantage of the benefits Monarda essential oil provides. Add some drops into your diffuser for some intense relaxation, or use it to improve your mood when you are feeling down. In the end, this is an exceptionally diverse oil, and one certainly worth having nearby.

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