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10 Benefits and Uses of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Posted on February 05 2021, By: admin

10 Benefits and Uses of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Carefully steam distilled from Cananga Odorata tree flowers, ylang ylang essential oil is a wonderful natural agent widely leveraged for its hair care, skin regeneration, and ability to boost sexual desire. This oil features a sweet, romantic aroma with coinciding moisturizing properties that make it a prime ingredient for several luxury hair and skin projects on the market today. Furthermore, ylang ylang uniquely features five different classifications based on distillation duration: Extra, I, II, III, and Complete. For example, extra is ylang ylang oil that is collected within the first half-hour of distillation and is the highest grade available. As for complete, intended for aromatherapy, this is typically a blend of each of the fractions as they were distilled, unearthing an authentic scent.

In summary, the cultivation of ylang ylang essential oil is a process that is highly strategized to ensure quality results. Overall, with now having a more comprehensive understanding of where and how the ylang ylang essential oil is fostered, next is recognizing the immense catalytic health and wellness advantages that come along with investing this second to none resource.

1. Enhances Sexual Desire

Starting this list on a steamy note, ylang ylang essential oil is well-known for enhancing sexual desire in several ways. The first reason is because ylang ylang contains chemical compounds that boost one's mood, relieve depression, and provokes feelings of happiness. This heightened mindset allows the body to have better sexual experiences as both are tightly linked. Alongside ylang ylang’s emotional balancing, this aphrodisiac resource also taps into the cardiovascular and hormonal systems, which can influence sexual energy. Lastly, ylang ylang boosts the circulatory system, which can help encourage more sensual experiences by improving low libido.

2. Stress Reliever

Though touched upon briefly above, ylang ylang essential oil’s floral scent is able to effectively calm and relax the mind. This is because the invigorating aroma and authentic blends harmoniously work with the body to get it back to a healthier state. Whether it be applied to the skin with a carrier oil or inhaled via aromatherapy, studies have strong evidence that this oil is able to lower anxiety levels, blood pressure, heart rate and influence relaxation.

3. Natural Sedative for Better Sleep

For those who have a hard time sleeping, staying asleep, or have chronic insomnia, consider using ylang ylang essential oil before choosing a commercial shelf product. Believe it or not, ylang ylang is actually a respected natural sedative, proven to significantly reduce the diastolic and systolic rates in blood pressure. Using it either topically on the skin or in a diffuser, the floral, peaceful scent is able to calm the mind, release tension, and offer sedative outcomes for better sleep. In fact, a 2013 study found strong evidence and therapy correlations to back this statement.

4. Reduces Skin Infections

Moving from internal benefits to skin surface ones, ylang ylang essential oil is a spearheading antibacterial, skin regenerate, and antiviral agent, making it ideal for treating various skin infections. One of the driving compounds that make it such a favorable skin infection solution is because this oil contains linalool, which is the compound that hosts the

antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying a few drops of the oil mixed with a desired carrier oil directly to the affected area will help heal and regenerate the skin back to a healthier state.

Fun Fact: ylang ylang essential oil's skin regeneration and blood circulation promoting abilities also make it a valuable resource to street wounds. This oil can effectively boost healing time and help the skin repair in such a way that it leaves behind little to no scarring.

5. Combats Fungal Infections

Intertwining with the point above, those same antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties are able to combat even the most challenging cases of fungal infections. Whether it be athlete's foot to Candida Albicans, using ylang ylang essential oil as part of the treatment process will support faster healing and reduce the spread of the infection as a whole.

To use the oil for this particular reason, do a test patch on the area first and wait 24 hours to ensure there is no risk of more skin irritation. If cleared, apply with a carrier oil on dried skin a few times a day until the area heals. For the best results, make sure to not touch other areas of the body with the same oil or application tool (including hands) to avoid potential fungal spreading.

6. Perfect for Natural Hair and Skin Care Treatments

There is a reason why ylang ylang essential oil is used in many commercial hair and skin care products. This oil is able to improve brittle, dry hair by simply massaging two tablespoons of warmed oil to the scalp and wrapping the hair with a warm towel. While treating, one is also subjected to influencing hair growth through boosting blood circulation. In addition, ylang ylang is a respected antibacterial and skin regenerative agent, which means it can kill bacteria on the skin to reduce acne while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. As a final note for this point, ylang ylang can also regulate oil production, making it fundamentally ideal for those who seek a natural way to control oily hair and skin.

Fun Fact: Combining ylang ylang essential oil with anise and coconut oil can help eliminate head lice.

7. Helps Those with Asthma

Though there are still studies and research that need to be done on this, it has been reported repeatedly that ylang ylang essential oil’s unprocessed, fresh flower scent can treat asthma. In traditional customs, people would leverage ylang ylang as aromatherapy as a way to clear airways, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety and stress, all of which can influence more seamless breathing. Again, this is not proven or used in traditional medical facilities, but certainly worth trying as there are no adverse side effects in doing so.

8. Monumental Insect Repellent

It is not uncommon to find essential oils that have insect repellent capabilities. However, not all are able to deliver peak performance as ylang ylang does. According to one study that looked at insect deterrent rates using ylang ylang and lemongrass, ylang ylang was shown to offer over 98% protection against mosquitoes. In conjunction with being human and animal friendly, this high insect shielding agent is a much more favorable product compared to repellents on commercial shelves that contain harsh toxins.

9. Excellent for DIY Cosmetics

For anyone looking for a fun project to take on, consider opting for some DIY cosmetics using ylang ylang essential oil as a key ingredient. As noted above, this oil is able to balance oil production in the skin, making it a fantastic cleanser application. Along with this, ylang ylang essential oil also boosts circulation, retains hydration, and features antioxidant properties, which make it perfect for DIY serums/creams. All of this tied together with the gratifying fragrance pedestal ylang ylang essential oil for cosmetic uses.

10. Don’t Forget about DIY Perfumes

As one of the more fragrance oriented essential oils, it stands to reason why perfume brands use ylang ylang. But instead of choosing a product from the shelf, think about doing a DIY perfume project instead this time around. Because ylang ylang possesses a floral-sweet scent, mixing it into a DIY perfume will deliver an anxiety reducing, calmness illuminating, and feminine aroma.

Conclusion - Support Your Body with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

All in all, ylang ylang essential oil is one of the most potent and powerful health and wellness agents on the market today. Why? Because the Cananga Odorata tree flowers are able to develop several different types of this oil-based on steam distillation, diversifying its intensity and aroma. While the rich-scented ones are often used as a top note within perfumes, the less intense ones are perfect for things like lotions and soaps. As for wellbeing purposes, going with a pure, quality-assured blend is the sure-fire way to obtain the most favorable outcomes within the list mentioned above.

In the end, everyone deserves to live happy, healthy, euphoric lives. And with just a few drops ofylang ylang essential oil applied topically or used a diffuser will unlock an impressive inventory of advantages that will inevitably improve life quality as a whole, making this opulent oil worth experimenting with on all accounts.

Written by Amber Dean


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