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16 Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Posted on December 19 2020, By: admin

16 Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

For starters, there are many wonderful essential oils out there that are able to provide a massive range of advantages to improve one's quality of life. From skin infection support, immune system boosting to even being used in homemade cleaners, there is seemingly nothing that these all-natural remedies cannot do in some form or another. Though this post surely is starting with an appreciation for all essential oils out there, the one that will be focused on for this content is the highly impressive and respected Tea Tree Essential Oil. Also known as Melaleuca oil, this powerful resource contains strong compounds like terpinen-4-ol, that result in a massive list of extraordinary benefits.

1. Makes for A Great Hand Sanitizer

First and foremost, know that Tea Tree Essential Oil makes for a perfect, all-natural hand sanitizer. Studies have found that Tea Tree Essential Oil has potent antibacterial features that can kill certain bacteria and viruses like E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenzae. Furthermore, with the world facing such uncertain times right now with Covid, this can give people that extra confidence that they are keeping their health and wellness in check.

2. Excellent Insect Repellent

Next is Tea Tree Essential Oil is known to be an ideal insect repellent that can be used in place of the chemically-rich products on the market. Research has also discovered that this resource can repel mosquitoes better than DEET, which is the most active ingredient used in commercial repellents. In addition to this, if a person does happen to get bitten, Tea Tree Essential Oil is able to soothe the area and reduce the adverse itching side effects.

3. Is A Natural Deodorant

With so many chemicals and harsh compounds known in most deodorants, the strive for more organic solutions is more in demand than ever before. But before reaching for the next best product with natural ingredients, think about applying Tea Tree Essential Oil instead. The antibacterial elements found in this oil are able to control underarm odor in the healthiest way, leaving one feeling refreshed and safe. 

4. Heals Burns, Wounds, and Scars

Branching off of the antibacterial properties mentioned above, this also allows for Tea Tree Essential Oil to be an excellent disinfectant to clean out minor cuts and abrasions. It is proven to kill things like S. aureus and other bacteria that can lead to wound infections and supports faster healing (including burns and scars) due to its anti-inflammatory and skin-enhancing compounds.

5. Oral Health Advantages

Those seeking a chemically-free mouthwash can have the peace of mind that Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used for this need as well. Studies have found this oil works wonders at fighting against plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth better than the common disinfectant in oral rinses, chlorhexidine. To make this oral solution, simply use a few drops of the oil into warm water and swish around in the mouth for about 30 seconds.

6. Eliminates Nail Fungus

As unpleasant as it may be, fungal infections are prevalent. However, know that Tea Tree Oil is able to eliminate nail fungus both alone and when used in conjunction with other natural remedies. In fact, there was a trial study that discovered 60% of the participants who used Tea Tree Oil as an antifungal solution for six months experienced both partial and full resolution of their nail fungus.

7. Can Be an All-Purpose Cleaner

There is no denying that house cleaning products can be exceptionally harmful to one's health and wellbeing. Breathing in the toxic fumes and coming in contact with the chemicals can all pose long-term, negative effects. Alternatively, using Tea Tree Oil can do the same cleaning job, if not better, without risking health as a direct result. As mentioned in #1, Tea Tree Oil is great at sanitizing and can be used as a natural, all-purpose cleaner around the house.

Tip: To make your own cleaner, mix about 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil with ¾ cups of water and a ½ cup of apple cider vinegar. Put the well-mixed combination in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the surface you want to clean and wipe with a dry cloth.

8. Controls Dandruff

For those with dandruff and suffering from embarrassing flaking, try using the highly effective features of Tea Tree Oil to treat it. This oil is said to increase scalp hydration while also reducing things like itchiness and greasiness simultaneously.  In the end, adding a few drops into a dollop of shampoo will make hair look much more vibrant and healthier and support the scalp in being dandruff-free.

Fun Fact: Using Tea Tree Oil for hair care reasons can also lead to extraordinary, healthy hair growth as well.

9. Fights Lice

While on the hair topic, Tea Tree Essential Oil is also a great natural solution to get rid of head lice naturally. Though there are several essential oils that can help prevent lice from becoming attracted to someone, such as Peppermint oil, Tea Tree is the only one that can actually kill lice after a person has already become victim to them. So, those who are at risk of getting lice or have it already, understand that this is an ideal, organic way to prevent/treat it fast.

10. Treats Athlete’s Foot

Athlete or not, having athlete's foot is a tough, frustrating condition to control and remediate. The worst part is that it is a highly contagious fungus, known to spread to the toenails, hands, and creates cracking, blistering, and peeling skin. Though antifungals are the standard treatment to fight against it, try Tea Tree Oil instead. This is a fantastic alternative and has been proven to surface favorable results naturally.

11. Acne Fighter

Possibly the most common use for Tea Tree Essential Oil is for its skin-boosting outcomes, especially when it comes to fighting acne. Tea Tree Oil is a spearheading weapon against acne and helps reduce even the most severe cases. For reference, this oil has been compared and tested to be as effective against acne as the leading ingredient benzoyl peroxide. So, for those who have tried every ointment and treatment on the market with no luck, this oil may just be the resource to give you the skin results you have been seeking.

12. Soothes Irritated Skin

Along with acne, Tea Tree Essential Oil is also substantial at soothing irritated skin in general. This is primarily due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds to reverse skin inflammation damages caused by various reasons. From things like psoriasis, eczema, allergens to even jock itch, applying Tea Tree Oil mixed with a carrier oil can ease the skin, promote healing, and reduce the adverse side effects from such conditions.

13. Treats Diverse Skin Infections

When it comes to skin infections, Tea Tree Essential Oil can handle this as well. For example, things like scabies and impetigo cause awful redness and sores that reduce life quality. But by applying Tea Tree oil onto those affected areas, it can act as an antibiotic and antiseptic. It will work by penetrating the skin and remediating the skin infection at its core instead of just masking the symptoms.

14. Helps with Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory conditions and even things like sinus infections can be countered and lifted when using Tea Tree Essential Oil. This is because this all-natural resource is able to inhibit the growth of the harmful bacteria causing sinus infections and other respiratory issues. To gain this benefit, simply inhale the Tea Tree oil scent using a diffuser, add a few drops into a hot bath, and allow it to clear the airways.

Fun Fact: This process can also ease the effects of a persistent cough.

15. Remediates Urinary Tract Infection Pains

UTI's are another uncomfortable yet ubiquitous thing that millions of people face. To lessen the pain and burden from it while you are in the process of healing, try using Tea Tree Oil as a way to help. Believe it or not, Tea Tree Oil is a powerful synthetic that has antispasmodic effects, which can ease abdominal pain caused by UTIs. Plus, being the antibacterial that it is, there is also a strong indication it can make the recovery process go faster.

16. Boosts the Immune System

Out of everything that has been listed, the one that should be remembered the most is how Tea Tree Essential Oil can actually boost your entire immune system to reduce your risk of contracting future health conditions in the first place. Using this antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal oil make for a well-rounded immune booster to help the body naturally fight off infections. Those who use it both topically and as aromatherapy find they are sick less, have better skin and cultivate better health long-term.

Conclusion - The Perfect All-In-One Solution

There is no denying that Tea Tree Essential Oil withstood the tests of time for a reason. This oil has been extracted since ancient times and has demonstrated its profound, diverse abilities from then to now. Overall, the amazing benefits that stem from its organic compounds are a second to none experience that could never be found on the commercial shelves, making it something quite special. In the end, from immune support, skincare, hair growth, eliminating fungal infections, to everything else in between, there is no denying that Tea Tree Essential Oil is the perfect all-in-one solution the world itself has created and is certainly worth having nearby.


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